Create Bite Sized Video for Instagram and Social Media

Learn how to quickly create micro video content

that highlights your products and your brand

The training was great!   This was incredibly helpful for me because I was able to visualize more of the video in detail.  It’s so important to know how and why a structure of a film works (even if its 15 seconds). This breaks down all the steps to make a video more effective to the viewer.

- Johnny Galavan, Huckleberry Bicycles

BITE SIZED SALES PAGE VIDEO 090715 from Laura J. Lukitsch on Vimeo.


  • You have been wanting to add video to your social media streams
  • You are afraid of getting in front of the camera
  • You want to use video to grow your business
  • You have a bite sized budget
  • You want shortcuts so you can create your social media content more quickly
  • You want to make more friends (feel free to email for an explanation)

And you'll love this if...

You're a maker (large or small) and want to give people a virtual experience of your products.

You have a process that you want to demonstrate to excite or reassure people that they can do it!

You host events and want to give your audience a taste of what they can experience by attending live.

You run a retail shop and want to share your love for your current products.

You do cool things in your business with passion and purpose.

Learn simple to understand, easy to apply steps that have helped organizations like...


You don't need to learn ALL of filmmaking to make video for social media.

You just need to learn enough.

I've broken down the process and identified just the areas you need to learn - creating mini roadmaps.  With these roadmaps, you'll find making video fun and easy.

The Typical Film Process:

The best made films focus on all of these elements.  Each one, having a myriad of potential problems to avoid in planning or resolve during and after the shoot.

Yes, this can be overwhelming for one person.  But, there is a better way...

The Bite Sized approach...

My method for creating social media films drastically shortens this list.  Not only is the list of what you have to learn and do shortened, I also provide tools to help you through the planning process and roadmaps for designing your content.

"Little videos are little invitations to learn more."

Laura J. Lukitsch, Online Video Strategist & Creator BITE SIZED Video


Here is what you'll learn when you join this course.  The idea is to get you EXACTLY what you need in order to create compelling story-based social media films.

I want you to be able to create content you love, that represents your brand and gives your audience education or inspiration that they'll appreciate.  I provide you STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS on how to plan, shoot and edit your videos in a way that is both fun and easy.

Module 1: PROCESS

  • Identify your audience
  • Choose your tone
  • Develop your concept board
  • Create your shot list

Module 2:  ROADMAPS

  • How To
  • Product Demo
  • Event Recap
  • Location

Module 3:  TOOLS

  • Using your phone to film
  • Simple editing software
  • Ins and outs of using music

Module 4:  ARTISTRY

  • Adding variety
  • Using existing light
  • Styling your shot
  • Directing talent

With this process, you'll be able to produce professional looking videos in less time than you thought possible.


  • Module 1: PROCESS

    The foundation of creating successful video is a story and a plan.  Planning helps you avoid  problems before they happen.  And a story keeps your audience engaged.  You’ll learn a repeatable process designed specifically for micro films that takes many of the decisions off the table so you can focus on the fun part.

  • Module 2: ROADMAPS

    If you get stuck on what to create and what to share, I’ve identified and broken down four proven story structures that work on Instagram.

    You CAN create a story in 15 seconds.  And we’re going to cover four structures.

  • Module 3: TOOLS

    If you’re like me, you need technology but don’t want to think about it too much.  I’ve identified the best tools I can find for your phone.  No need to learn complicated editing software.  If you know professional software already, I share some of my workarounds for getting more out of less.  You’ll learn how filming and editing can be easy and fun.

  • Module 4: ARTISTRY

    To help you help your brand shine, I’m including basic lessons on lighting, staging and the importance of variety  In each area, I focus on using what you have in your environment already, rather than requiring that you go out and purchase equipment.  I encourage you to get creative.


  • WORKSHEETS - Created to help you with planning, shooting and editing
  • CHECK LISTS - Technical and artistic reminders, so you don't have to go back and re-watch the video
  • FACEBOOK GROUP - I'll be creating a new FB group so you can brainstorm with your peers
  • WEEKLY LIVE WEBINAR - Where I will be there to answer your questions
  • BITE SIZED FILM FEST - At the end of our training we'll get together online to share our work


To complete your bite sized video making process, you need to share.

I look at sharing as a mini-launch.  It is no longer okay to just post and hope people watch your video.  You need to entice them with your title, with your Instagram mini-blog, with your thumbnail photo, with your sharing plan, and by planning your videos as a strategy.

  • Putting your Video on Instagram
  • Mini Hashtag Strategy
  • Instagram Mini-blog Strategy
  • Using Your Video on Facebook


If you need a little more help

Have you every purchased a course and thought to yourself, if only I had a little bit more guidance it would be perfect?!

I've got you covered!  Join at the VIP Level and get "Done With You" time.  We'll schedule three one-on-one calls over two months.  Sometimes to get a video done, it takes a second pair of eyes.  Before you shoot we'll go over your goals, story ideas to meet those goals.  After you shoot, we'll look over your edit and I'll share tips on how to strengthen your video and then I'll help you put together your launch plan.   You'll get one-on-one coaching and tips to help you successfully launch your first BiteSized Video and gain confidence for creating and launching future videos using these tools.

  • 30 minute one-on-one goal setting call
  • 30 minute one-on-one editorial review and launch strategy session
  • 30 minute one-on-one call video ideas session

Who is Teaching this Course

BITE SIZED VIDEO is taught by independent filmmaker and Online Video Strategist, Laura J. Lukitsch.  Laura started making bite sized videos before YouTube was born.  She went on to make a feature length documentary called, Beard Club, about the social politics of facial hair.  Her current work includes a new documentary project, Mind the Gap, including a series of short videos about sustainable urban transit and a variety of short YouTube videos for clients.  She has a background in marketing and a passion for film and currently writes about online video strategy in her blog at Global Performance Media.

Laura delivers results and I can depend on her to be an experienced professional.  I have full confidence in her abilities as a producer, writer, story editor, and video production expert.

Savage Bell, Executive Producer, Digital Video Services, IBM

Laura is great to work with – reliable, organized, and creative.  Her work presents my work in the best light possible.

Jess Curtis, Choreographer, Jess Curtis / Gravity


Begin 2016 with a strategy for increasing your online engagement using video.

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Laura impressed me immediately with her thorough, professional approach to getting the strategy and budget I needed to get the project approved, then worked intensively to make sure we meet our deadlines.  I appreciated the creative way she solved problems, not only related to production, but to handle the curves that are thrown you in everyday business.  She gets the video business, but — even more — gets how business works in general.  She's a total pro.

Stuart McFaul, President, Spiral Marketing + Public Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

"How long will I have access to the course?"

Once you purchase, you will have lifetime access to the material.  You'll also have access to all future updates.

"Can more than one person in my organization take the course?"

Yes, each user will need a separate login.  If you have more than three people who would benefit from this training, feel free to shoot me an email and we can figure out a pricing structure that works for your organization.

Can I get an upgrade to the VIP Package later?

Yes, if you are not sure if you'd like to get the VIP Package now, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade within four weeks of joining.  This will give you a chance to get to know me first, before you decide.